Why Everyone Should Care About Rubbish Removal

Recently, I happened to come across these poignant words from a NASA astronaut, Mark Kelly while scrolling through my Twitter feed. “Don’t worry about the planet, the Earth will be just fine. What you need to worry about is us – all of us.” These words on climate change and our environment is a wakeup call to make the necessary changes needed to save our species.

Wondering why I’m talking about climate change and environment while I have started off the title with rubbish removal? This is because waste disposal and environmental safety have a close relation.

The Relation between Non-biodegradable Waste and Green House Gas Production

Improper rubbish removals in Sydney can have a severe impact on our environment. Today, a great deal of commercial and household waste is buried on landfill sites. The biodegradable wasted dumped in these areas will eventually rot away, decomposed, and re-absorbed into the earth. But, this is not the same with non-biodegradable waste materials. The non-biodegradable materials buried in the landfills never rot away produce some fairly noxious smells, as well as methane, a greenhouse gas. Moreover, landfills that are poorly managed can cause litter and pollution.

In some cases, people avoid landfills and prefer incineration of waste materials. This creates another level of environmental hazard. The gases produced as a result of burning wastes pollute the air and adds to the effect that causes acid rain. This activity also leaves ashes that normally contain heavy metals and other toxins that are a threat to the environment.

Why Care about Proper Waste Disposal?

Most people argue that the percentage of recycling rate has gone high during the past few years. Yes, but that doesn’t mean that we recycle everything and are not filling more holes in the ground with our waste. Have a look at the following statistics for a deep understanding.

  • In Australia, approximately 345 million handheld batteries (household batteries, laptops, mobile phones, power tools etc.) are consumed each year. Only 4% of these are recycled.
  • Australians consume 50 to 60 million fluorescent tubes and HID lamps every year. Only 1% of all consumed fluorescent lights are recycled.
  • We buy and use products made of plastic. It is estimated that marine waste, mostly plastic, is killing more than a million sea birds and 100,000 mammals every year.
  • Australian households and businesses use millions of tonnes of paper every year. Australia has 87% recycling rate of paper and cardboard, one of the highest in the world.

From the above statistics, it’s obvious that we should concentrate more on proper rubbish removals.

Tips for a Solid Waste Management Strategy

  • Purchase durable, long-lasting materials
  • Use products that do not contain toxic materials
  • Reduce the amount of packaging
  • Implement in-process recycling
  • Hire the right rubbish removal to manage your waste effectively
  • De-clutter and dispose of waste materials responsibly without causing any harm to the environment

When compared to the country like Sweden that recycles more than 99% of their rubbish, we are nowhere close to them. We must frame the right waste management strategy and implement them to leave the real treasures of our Mother Earth to the future generations to come.

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